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The Stanford Business Library has a wide range of resources to assist you with research projects, job searches, and class assignments. The SearchWorks library catalog includes Business Library resources.

SearchWorks Library Catalog

Find books, journals, videos, and more in Stanford libraries.

All Library Resources

Research Databases & Datasets Access business databases and other research databases through Stanford’s library system. We also provide guides to a number of the more frequently used databases.
Research Guides Get help researching business subjects from these sources recommended by your librarians.
Journals Access journals available at Stanford. See also tips on how to find an article available through Stanford’s Libraries.
News & Magazines Access online business news and magazine, including WSJ, NYT, FT,, and Economist.
Books Find books at all Stanford libraries in the SearchWorks library catalog. You can also search specifically for eBooks. Learn how to request and pick up books.
Course Reserves Learn about course reserves, which are materials (typically books/eBooks) assigned in GSB courses that are available for students to share.
Working Papers Explore pre-publication research papers from the faculty of Stanford GSB and other academic institutions.
Case Studies Find case studies from Stanford GSB and other academic institutions.


eResources Usage

The Stanford Business Library licenses electronic resources for academic uses by Stanford University faculty, students, and staff. You must follow these rules:

  • You must properly cite your sources.
  • You may not distribute data, documents, or reports from library databases to non-Stanford affiliates.

  • You must read click-through agreements carefully and comply with all terms and conditions. Additionally, each data provider enforces its own terms and conditions that may further restrict your use of its resources. If you have any questions about terms of use related to a specific resource, please contact the Stanford Business Library at Ask Us.
  • You may not share your Stanford University or database-specific username and password with anyone; doing so is a violation of University policy.
  • Systematic downloading, distributing, or retaining substantial portions of information is prohibited. Vendors monitor usage and can detect when users are scraping or downloading a significant amount of content and can shut off access to the entire campus. If you are trying to download, access, or scrape large amounts of content, please Ask Us so we can help find a solution.
  • You typically cannot feed data/text from library resources into an AI program (e.g. ChatGPT). If you want to do this, Ask Us so we can check the license terms. This is because library resources are, for the most part, the intellectual property of the publisher who can restrict the right to use AI on their content.
  • These resources may not be used to commercially benefit for-profit or non-profit organizations. You may consult library resources to augment the practical knowledge you gain during an internship. You may share with your team in your own words a summary-level description of what you have learned from library resources during your internship.

Violating these terms is also a violation of the University Code of Conduct and the Honor Code. If you violate these terms, your eResource access privileges may be revoked.

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