Client Screening

Whether applying for a Springboard Session or a consulting project, all nonprofit requests are evaluated to ensure alignment between the request and ACT’s service offering.

Springboard Sessions

Springboard Sessions are screened by ACT staff who look for articulation of a clearly-defined organizational challenge for which volunteers with limited knowledge of your organization can add value. Springboard Sessions require participation of 2-4 top organizational leaders to knowledgeably engage with volunteers in co-creating ideas worthy of the organization’s further pursuit.

Consulting Projects

Every ACT project is screened by one or more volunteer project screeners to determine its suitability for an ACT project and to scope the project into a manageable size for both the client and ACT project volunteers.

Effective project screening is critical to the success of the project with an emphasis by the screener on four key elements.

Elements of Project Screening
Focus Project clearly scoped with defined deliverables
Alignment ED, board chair, and chair of strategic planning fully in support
Time Timing must fit situation and client must commit resources to support
Implementation Client must have resources to implement recommendations

The screening process for consulting projects follows these steps:

Step 1: Interest Form Review

  • Client submits interest form
  • Call with ACT screener(s) to determine preliminary mutual fit
  • If yes, ACT sends client link to online application

Step 2: Application Review

  • ACT screener(s) conduct interview with board chair and executive director
  • Outline scope and objectives
  • Assess feasibility and fit
  • Confirm alignment/time commitment
  • If yes, begin project scoping

Step 3: Scoping & Prioritizing

  • Scope project objectives, deliverables, and likely activities/skill sets
  • Explore capacity of client to staff project
  • Determine fast track versus full team
  • ACT weighs all submissions and determines which move forward

Step 4: Project Posting & Recruitment

  • ACT prepares posting for volunteer recruitment
  • Review with client for approval
  • Go/no go depending on recruitment, ACT’s ability to staff

Step 5: Briefing & Sounding Board

  • ACT project leader comes on board (for full team engagements)
  • Sounding board meeting with volunteers, screener(s), and client
  • Project leaders or fast track consultants refine scope, objectives, and outline work plan with client

Step 6: Project Kickoff

  • Work plan sign-off by client executive director and board chair
  • ACT team begins work with client on project