How to Volunteer

Stanford ACT runs Springboard Sessions in the Spring and consulting projects in the Fall.

Volunteer for Spring Springboard Sessions in February for Sessions that will take place in April. Volunteer for Fall consulting projects in July for projects that launch in September.

Volunteer today for an April online Springboard Session!

Join us as we convene for Springboard Sessions – two hour brainstorm sessions focused on generating ideas to address a nonprofit’s focused, strategic question. To volunteer: Click on the organization’s name below to review Springboard Session options, all of which will be conducted via Zoom and each on a different day and time in April.

Note the day and time of the Springboard Session(s) of interest to assess your availability; place a hold on your calendar for those day(s)/time(s) until your participation is confirmed (by March 15) Complete a volunteer interest form using the “Volunteer Today” button below.

In your volunteer interest form, indicate which Springboard Sessions are your top choices. If more than one is of interest (and you are able to commit to the posted days/times), rank your top 2 or 3 choices.

To volunteer to facilitate your session, check the box titled “Are you interested in leading this project?” Facilitators will be invited to a 45 minute preparatory session; day/time TBD. ACT Program Director Nastasha Everheart will contact you by March 15 to let you know the status of your volunteer application. (NOTE: our goal is to match as many volunteers as possible with their chosen Springboard Session; doing so isn’t always possible as some Springboards will receive more interest than can be accommodated.) If you are still not sure whether a Springboard is right for you after reviewing the prompts and client list, you can schedule a 15-minute ACT Information Session with Nastasha to learn more.

2024 Springboard Sessions

See the current list of Springboards and apply to volunteer today.

Key Dates
January 9, 2024 Springboard Sessions: Nonprofit application deadline
March 7, 2024 Springboard Sessions: Volunteer sign up deadline
April 2–25, 2024 Springboards take place
June 30, 2024 Fast track and full team Projects: Nonprofit interest form deadline