How to Volunteer

Volunteer today for a July online Springboard Session!

Join us as we pilot our first round of Springboard Sessions — two hour brainstorm sessions focused on generating ideas to address a nonprofit’s focused, strategic question. To volunteer:

  1. Click on the organization’s name below to review Springboard Session options, all of which will be conducted via Zoom and each on a different day and time in July.
  2. Note the day and time of the Springboard Session(s) of interest to assess your availability; place a hold on your calendar for those day(s)/time(s) until your participation is confirmed (by 7/6).
  3. Complete your ACT volunteer profile via the “Volunteer Today” button below.
    • In your ACT volunteer profile, indicate which Springboard Session interests you. If more than one is of interest (and you are able to commit to the posted days/times), rank your top 2 or 3 choices.
    • To volunteer to facilitate your session, check the box titled “Are you interested in leading this project?” Facilitators will be invited to a 45 minute preparatory session; day/time TBD.
    • There’s no need for you to complete the section asking for times you’re available for team meetings.
  4. Susan Austin, ACT director, will contact you by July 6 to let you know the status of your volunteer application. (NOTE: our goal is to match as many volunteers as possible with their chosen Springboard Session; doing so isn’t always possible as some Springboards will receive more interest than can be accommodated.)

Deadline to volunteer: June 26, 2023

Spring-Summer 2023
Project Type
Upcoming Key Dates
June 6 – 26, 2023 Volunteer recruitment for Springboard Sessions
June 30, 2023 Nonprofit Interest Forms for consulting projects due
July 6, 2023 Volunteers notified of Springboard selection
July 12 – 27, 2023 Springboard Sessions
July 18, 2023 Nonprofit applications for consulting projects due
August 10 – 22, 2023 Volunteer Recruitment for consulting projects
September 14, 2023 Online project round kick-off for volunteers
September 15 – 30, 2023 Consulting projects launch