The combination of digital technology and human interaction has great potential to help students receive instruction that meets their individual needs.

Domain Statement

In the U.S. and around the world, education has long been an essential ingredient for individuals to achieve social and economic well being. Across multiple projects, we are working to improve the process of innovation in educational technology to create digital edtech and improve K–12 education. The lab is collaborating with organizations that provide educational tools using technology, with a particular focus on personalizing the content and experience to the individual student.

Project Abstracts

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Designing a Pay-for-Outcomes Initiative

Along with Harvard University’s Center for Educational Policy Research and Laurence Holt, the lab is part of a project in the initial phase of designing a pay-for-outcomes initiative to improve learning for children in K-12. The group has received a planning grant. This initiative will unlock R&D investment on learning outcomes in the U.S. K-12 market such as middle years algebra readiness.

Incentive Design

Enhancing Digital Education Technology

17EdTech is an online learning platform offering homework solutions for K-12 students, parents and teachers in China. In partnership with 17EdTech, lab researchers are designing a personalized delivery system of homework questions for users of its mobile app; and are reviewing effective learning products for parents to assist in children’s learning, particularly in low-income regions. Lastly, the team is estimating the impact of gamification on student engagement.

Adaptive & Iterative Experimentation, AI & Machine Learning

Improving In-App Recommendations and Assessments

Lab researchers are collaborating with Stones2Milestones to design a system that recommends new in-app content for users in order to improve the students’ interest and engagement in the educational content. In addition, the lab is identifying methods to improve how users are assessed both on the learning occurring within the app and across a user’s educational journey.

AI & Machine Learning, Social Sciences & Behavioral Nudges


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Thought Leadership

National Bureau of Economic Research

Using administrative data to measure causal impacts, such as educational outcomes, of removing children from families investigated for abuse or neglect.