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Explore opportunities to volunteer beyond Stanford GSB

Support Entrepreneurs From Across Africa and South Asia

Stanford Seed partners with entrepreneurs from across Africa and South Asia to help them build thriving enterprises that transform lives. We deliver world-class business training and resources to help entrepreneurs from promising startups and profitable companies take their businesses, countries, and regions to the next level. 

Join Seed as a volunteer and use your expertise to help our firms grow and transform.

Be a Coach

Work side by side with high-potential business leaders who have completed the Seed Transformation Program. It’s a one-year, in-country volunteer commitment that’s as transformative as it is rewarding.

Be a Consultant

Share your specific skills and expertise, working fully remotely on short-term projects ranging from marketing and operations to strategy and finance.

Offer Pro Bono Consulting Services

Join the Alumni Consulting Team (ACT) and make an impact in the social benefit sector. ACT volunteers utilize their business expertise and skill sets to collaborate with senior management of Bay Area nonprofits on high priority issues confronting these organizations. Whether it is committing to a 2-hour brainstorming session or engaging in longer term consulting projects, there may be an opportunity that aligns with your schedule and interests.

Empower Social Entrepreneurs Fighting Global Poverty

Join Project Redwood, a philanthropic partnership uniting GSB alumni to alleviate poverty worldwide. Our expertise and grants help social entrepreneurs raise the living standard for hundreds of thousands through training, education and job creation. Connect and collaborate with fellow alums. Be part of this inspiring venture.

Volunteer Appreciation Event with Stanford Deans Levin and Minor

Volunteer Appreciation Event with Stanford Deans Levin and Minor

GSB Dean Jon Levin and Stanford School of Medicine Dean Lloyd B. Minor in conversation on racial injustice, COVID-19, and the impact of ACT volunteers

Alumni Volunteer Awards

John W. Gardner Volunteer Leadership Award

Honors alumni volunteers who have demonstrated a history of strong commitment in many areas, frequently in a leadership role.

Stanford Associates’ Gold Spike Award

Awarded annually for distinguished volunteer leadership service to Stanford.

Alison Elliott Exceptional Achievement Award

Awarded each year to an ACT volunteer.