Work-Life Integration

Our lives are full of competing priorities—work, family, self, and community, to name a few. How does one manage it all? The answer is highly personal and changes in response to life circumstances.

We encourage you to:

  • Reflect on your values, vision, and priorities using the Career and Life Reflection workbook
  • Revisit the question “How does one manage it all?” at regular points in time
  • Take the long view — your life and career span decades. Make short-term decisions in the context of your longer-term goals and vision.

Work-Life Integration Resources

Ready to relaunch your career? 

Reentry poses unique challenges and the opportunity to envision a career that fits your current life, passions, and professional strengths. Explore these resources:

Considering flexible work?

Many alumni pursue flexible or part-time work as a strategy to integrate work and family. Consider these resources: