An MSx student smiling at the camera, her spouse holding their child

Partner Life

A year at Stanford will be an unforgettable experience for your spouse or partner and your children.

At the outset, moving your family to California for one year may seem daunting. We understand that there are many considerations for such a decision. The great news is that Stanford GSB and the greater community are renowned for resources that support partners and families. We look holistically at their experience and provide opportunities that can make their year equally life-changing.

MSx Student and Family Life
MSx Student and Partner Life
Brett Wilson, MS ’19, Lyndall, and Anne Christine share their experience as a family in the MSx Program.

Your partner will have an equally enriching year, with access to intellectual endeavors, health and well-being activities, and a vibrant community to support them.

Intellectual Endeavors

When it comes to education, your partner has many options:

Additionally, our Career Management Center offers a career coaching appointment in the summer quarter for the partners of MSx students.

Your partner may be drawn into the spirit of endless possibilities that we see here at Stanford GSB. Many spouses and significant others have found themselves starting their own business ventures during their year on campus.

Health and Well-Being; Arts and Culture

During your year at Stanford, your partner and you may choose to explore any number of activities that span from health and well-being to arts and cultural enrichment.

There are a multitude of options for healthy activities including group fitness classes, yoga and meditation, or rock-climbing.

If you are a sports fan, Stanford is home to world-class athletic teams from American football and championship soccer to swimming and gymnastics. With your student and family’s courtesy cards, you all will have access to cheer on the Cardinal!

For those interested in the arts, there are frequent cultural events across campus, with guest performers from around the world.