Women’s Circles Success Stories

Los Angeles Region
MBA 1988

I have absolutely loved being a part of our circle — making 6 new true friends. I look forward each month to spending time in a space where I can share my thoughts and feelings without judgment. I am honored to have become a co-leader this year, and am excited to utilize some of my skills as a business leader, but more importantly to be able to “go deeper.” It has been gratifying to realize the transformational power of our individual stories and perspectives when we peel back the layers. I feel I am on the right path in my journey with the input and support of the amazing women in my Circle.

Peninsula Region
MBA 2000

Joining a Circle has greatly improved my outlook and state of mind. With our busy lives, we can easily develop tunnel vision. We may dwell on our problems and not look to others for support for fear of judgment. Through being in a Circle, I have learned to get over this fear and share challenges — career or personal. I have shared successes and found joy in others’ successes. I have learned to better clarify my goals. The most important thing I have learned is that we are not alone! Whatever we are facing, the group is there to share it with us, and we can learn from others’ past experience.

Washington, D.C., Region
MBA 2008

My Circles experience has been refreshing for the honest stories we’ve shared. The women in our group are at diverse points personally and professionally, but our GSB bond unites us in our willingness to share and receive feedback, which creates a feeling of camaraderie. Our walls come down, the sheen comes off, and we share what is really happening in our lives: the triumphs, the letdowns, and the anxiety-inducing. My Circle has energized me to explore the unknown. I’m grateful to the GSB for providing the structure and the freedom to allow Circles to support alumnae in their communities.

New York Region
MBA 1976

I was originally co-leading a circle in NYC. I had to re-locate in 2016 and leave this circle, but I now co-lead a virtual Circle. Both Circles have allowed me to fulfill a need to engage with other GSB alumnae who share a unique background in balancing business, career, and family. I can unequivocally say that both experiences have exceeded my expectations — from warm check-ins to the powerful takeaways, from the laughter to the meaningful discussions. With the support of these amazing GSB women, I have felt more empowered to pursue the writing and teaching projects of my retirement years

New York Region
MBA 2010

It is challenging at times to be a mother in a dual-career household. Being part of a Circle has inspired me to speak with my employer to fully understand if or how an extended maternity leave might affect my career. I have felt confident in voicing my opinions that policies may need to change to continue to be supportive of women. Similarly, the accountability of the Circle is important to its success. The mix is what makes our group so special — the different generations and types of people. Our commitment to reflection, vulnerability, and support has driven our Circle to great depths.

London Region
MBA 2011

I have a just-turned-one-year-old and work for an education charity. I still make time for my circle. I enjoy the mix of ages for friendships (late 20s to mid 50s), hearing different people’s perspective and having the space to have conversations that I don't have with the rest of my girlfriends or new mom friends. It has made me more thoughtful about life choices as I get to hear the perspective of varying types of people and how they have done things differently. “Circles is a good way to stay connected with the GSB and enjoy thoughtful conversations on a deeper level.“

New York Region
MBA 1981

I’ve had a full career in financial services and as a director of three public companies. I have two children. The gathering of my Circle is a treat. It’s fun to be exposed to the diverse membership. The difference in our ages and experiences give us valuable and varied perspectives. The atmosphere is supportive — including encouragement and sometimes a little “tough love.” We learn as much from members’ reactions to others’ situations, personal or professional, as we do from the comments regarding our own challenges and triumphs. It's a rich environment for growth for every one of us.

Los Angeles Region
MBA 1991

I joined GSB Women‘s Circles at a very opportune time: when I was in transition due to a reorg and feeling uncertain about what I wanted for the final chapter of my career. My circle members offered moral support, friendship, and practical networking help. Now that I have found a great new role, I reflect back on my search and see that having the opportunity to come together once a month with a high caliber, inspiring group of women was an important part of my process. This helped me keep my head in the game throughout my search and spurred me to set my sights high for myself.

New York Region
MBA 2009

When I first signed up for Circles, I had lots of free time to devote to the group. Five years and two young children later, my hands are a little fuller, but my Circle meeting is the one thing I hold sacred in my schedule. My fellow alumnae pushed me to set a higher bar than I might have otherwise. I have found the confidence to speak up for my interests at work, and I’ve found the accountability of the monthly meetings pivotal in my success: I knew that if I showed up to my meeting having made no progress, my motivation squad would scold me. This group of women inspires me to be my best.

New York Region
MBA 2013

After graduating from GSB, I was looking for a way to stay connected to the school and the experience I had there. Joining a Circle was a great way to make that transition. My Circle has seen members go through professional transitions, new relationships, family struggles, and health issues. Knowing that I have a constant source of support has been very comforting to me. As we share stories in our monthly meetings, I always find myself impressed and inspired by the strength and depth of my fellow women. Circle meetings refresh me and fill me up, and I feel privileged to share the experience.

East Bay Region
MBA 1985

I am part of the leadership team that launched the East Bay Circles and am also a co-leader of a circle. As an older participant, I have benefited from the energy, enthusiasm and strength of the younger women. With their encouragement, I have been able to connect with my younger can-do-anything self and have been reinvigorated to look at new endeavors for myself. I can highly recommend the circles for women, such as myself, who enjoy mentoring younger women but also want to receive support as they take on new challenges in their personal and career lives.