Employment Outcomes

Employment results for the Stanford MBA Class of 2021 demonstrate that leading organizations continue to value the critical thinking, global mindset, innovative spirit, and leadership skills of Stanford MBAs.

They also reflect and validate Stanford GSB’s emphasis on supporting students in a wide variety of career goals and pathways.

Hiring and Employment

Graduates of the Stanford MBA Program emerge from their transformational experience with an urgent sense of their role as stewards of the twenty-first-century global economy. They gain a broader recognition of what it means to be successful, which includes the importance of character, self-awareness, and a renewed commitment to business and society.

These attributes, together with leadership abilities, communication skills, and a strategic-thinking mindset, make Stanford MBA graduates among the most sought-after candidates in the world’s most innovative organizations.

Career Pivots

Many of our students* pivot their careers in one or multiple dimensions. If you are willing to put in the work, the Career Management Center will help get you where you want to go.

Diverse Career Paths

MBA students take leadership positions in innovative organizations and in roles where they can make the greatest impact. This is the future of management education.


See an industry breakdown of the organizations that students joined after graduation.


See a functional breakdown of the roles that students accepted after graduation.

Global Network

The career paths of our students and graduates take them all over the world. Our strong network of alumni and employers is ready to support you throughout your journey to help get you where you want to go.

Competitive Compensation

Stanford GSB graduates are purpose-driven and talented, and they increasingly want to feel a strong connection to their work as well as the world around them. Our job-seeking students pursue opportunities that align with their values and interests, and they have great success in the job market.

Summer Placements

The summer between your first and second year at Stanford GSB is a time for exploration and/or fine-tuning your professional aspirations. In addition to traditional employment offers: