Stanford Entrepreneurship Courses

Students at Stanford Graduate School of Business have access to entrepreneurship courses from across the university.

Experiential Courses

Entrepreneurial experiential courses offer hands-on learning about the process of evaluating new venture opportunities.

Functional Courses

Learn critical functional skills from the perspective of new and growing ventures.

Course Title Quarters School
Product Design and Manufacturing
Advanced Product Design AUT, WIN, SPR SoE
Computer-Aided Product Creation AUT, WIN, SPR SoE
Design and Manufacturing AUT, WIN, SPR SoE
Design Method Theory and Methodology Seminar WIN, SPR SoE
Forecasting for Innovators: Exponential Technologies, Tools and Social Transformation WIN SoE
Introductory Foresight and Technological Innovation AUT, WIN, SPR SoE
Global Engineering Design Thinking, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship AUT, WIN, SPR SoE
Smart Product Design AUT, WIN SoE
The Magic of Materials and Manufacturing AUT SoE
Creative Gym: A Design Thinking Skills Studio SPR SoE /
d.Leadership: Leading Disruptive Innovation WIN SoE /
Customer Acquisition for New Ventures SPR GSB
Fundamentals of Effective Selling AUT GSB
Global Entrepreneurial Marketing AUT SoE
Tell, Make, Engage: Action Stories for Entrepreneuring AUT, WIN, SPR SoE
Angel and Venture Capital Financing for Entrepreneurs and Investors AUT GSB
Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital WIN GSB
Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital: Partnership for Growth WIN GSB
Financial Management for Entrepreneurs SPR GSB
Intellectual Property: Financial and Strategic Management WIN GSB
Investment Management and Entrepreneurial Finance AUT GSB
Venture Capital SPR SLS
Accounting for Managers and Entrepreneurs AUT, WIN, SPR, SUM SoE
Entrepreneurial Management and Finance SPR SoE
Human Resources
People Operations: From Startup to Scaleup WIN GSB
Patent Law and Strategy for Innovators and Entrepreneurs AUT SoE
Technology Licensing and Commercialization WIN SoE

Industry-Specific Courses

Students can learn about innovating within industries that interest them through these courses.

Course Title Quarters School
Strategic Management of Technology and Innovation in Established Firms AUT GSB
Strategies of Effective Product Management WIN GSB
Law and Economics of Biomedical Innovation SPR SLS
Entrepreneurship in Asian High Tech Industries SPR SoE
Frontier Technology: Understanding and Preparing for Technology in the Next Economy WIN SoE
Strategy in Technology-Based Companies AUT SoE
Topics in International Technology Management AUT SoE
Health Care
Innovation and Management in Health Care WIN GSB
Leading Strategic Change in the Health Care Industry AUT GSB
Technology Assessment and Regulation of Medical Devices SPR SoE
Biodesign for Digital Health AUT, SUM SoM
Biodesign Fundamentals SPR SoM
Global Leaders and Innovators in Human and Planetary Health AUT, WIN, SPR SoM
Leading and Managing Health Care Organizations: Innovation and Collaboration in High Stakes Settings WIN, SPR SoM
Strategic Thinking in Action - In Business and Beyond II (Automotive Industry Disruption) AUT GSB
Climate Tech for Rapid Decarbonization WIN GSB
Energy: Innovation, Policy & Business Strategy SPR GSB
Big Ideas & Open Opportunities in Climate-Tech Entrepreneurship AUT SDSS
Entrepreneurial Approaches to Education Reform AUT GSB / GSE
Disruptions in Education WIN GSB / GSE
Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Education Technology Seminar SPR GSB / GSE
Search Funds
Entrepreneurial Acquisition AUT, WIN, SPR GSB
Search Fund Garage SPR GSB
Designing Solutions by Leveraging the Frinky Science of the Human Mind AUT GSB
Family Business WIN GSB
Longevity: Business Implications and Opportunities SPR GSB
Sports Business Management WIN GSB
The Future of Cities: Entrepreneurship, Policy & Business Strategy SPR GSB
The Yin and Yang of Family Business Transitions AUT GSB
Understanding the Trends Transforming the World of Work: Lab for HR Startups WIN GSB
Creating and Leading New Ventures in Engineering and Science-based Industries SPR SoE
Engineering, Entrepreneurship & Climate Change WIN SoE
Opportunities in PropTech and ConTech Seminar WIN SoE

Startup Fundamentals Courses

Students gain insight into starting and leading a new business through foundational courses.

Social Innovation Courses

These courses explore strategies and methods for entrepreneurs to create impact in the world beyond shareholder value.

Scaling Courses

In these courses, students learn to navigate the challenges associate with rapid growth.

Course Title Quarters School
Building and Managing Professional Sales Organizations SPR GSB
Conversations in Management AUT, WIN, SPR GSB
Managing Growing Enterprises AUT, WIN, SPR GSB