Senegal cityscape during the day


Delta specializes in sanitation engineering and construction in Senegal.

Rapid urbanization and unregulated industrial development in many parts of Africa have resulted in environmental damage due to mismanaged liquid and solid waste. Delta, specializing in sanitation and construction, is working to improve that situation. Founded in 2002, the company works with global NGOs, government, private sector clients, and individual homes to safely remove tons of sludge that threaten the health of communities — particularly the poor. In addition to building and maintaining sanitation networks, flood zone management, and solving geotechnical problems posed by new construction, the company operates a call center that receives approximately 100 service requests daily. Delta’s fleet of GPS system-enabled sanitation trucks collects roughly 100 cubic meters of untreated waste each day.

The Seed Transformation Program was instrumental in helping the company move forward, says the company’s deputy CEO, Aissatou Soumare. “It helped us with formalization,” she says. “We were focused on technical things, and they told us we needed to have a strategy for the next five years, and they assisted with that.” Today, Delta is working to position itself in the waste-to-energy business, and to expand its services beyond Senegal.

--Aissatou Soumare, Deputy CEO


Aissatou Soumare is the deputy CEO at Delta, which specializes in sanitation engineering and construction in Senegal. She joined Delta in 2014 as the company’s H.R. manager. Aissatou holds a master’s degree in project management from the Université de Tours in Tours, France.

Soumare participated in the Seed Transformation Program in West Africa in 2015.