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Joissam Ghana

Joissam Ghana is a private civil works company that is improving access to clean water throughout the country by identifying potential water sources, drilling, and installing water systems to filter and deliver water.

Water is a scarce commodity in parts of Africa. In Ghana, it’s estimated that 22 percent of the population — or around 6 million people — lack access to clean drinking water. To date, the company has drilled over 3,000 bore holes in Ghana — holes that extend deep into the ground into aquifers — and has installed about 10,000 hand pumps, resulting in improved water access for four million people.

Going forward, Joissam Ghana plans to further embrace its mission “to enhance the quality of life” for others by helping them to access natural resources. The company has an ambitious goal of helping to provide clean water to close to 13 million of Africa’s most needy and vulnerable citizens by 2025.

--Samuel Appenteng, Managing Director


Samuel Appenteng is managing director of Joissam Ghana, a water services and civil works company he founded with his brother Joseph in 1996. The company is named after all three brothers in the Appenteng family (Joseph, Issac and Samuel). Samuel graduated from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, School of Engineering, with a bachelor’s degree in science (chemical engineering) and from the University of Leicester, UK, where he earned an MBA in finance. Prior to founding Joissam Ghana, he worked as a director and general manager at Intravenous Infusions Limited.

Efua Appenteng is the director of administration and hand pumps at Joissam Ghana. She graduated with a bachelor’s in science degree from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in 1987. Prior to joining Joissam in 2001, Efua worked for the Ministry of Health as well as the Ghana Educational Service. At Joissam, Efua has played a key role in the growth of the company, including as company secretary from 2007-2015. Efua is also a member of the board of trustees of the Venture Capital Trust Fund of Ghana.

Samuel and Efua Appenteng participated in the Seed Transformation Program in West Africa in 2014. Efua was later elected as Cohort Ambassador for the Seed Transformation Network in Ghana.

Clear as Water

Clear as Water

Samuel Appenteng of Joissam Ghana, a water services and civil works company, shares his vision for bringing clean water to people across West Africa.