Stefan Wager

Associate Professor, Operations, Information & Technology

Stefan Wager

Associate Professor of Operations, Information and Technology

Associate Professor of Statistics (by courtesy), School of Humanities and Sciences

Research Statement

Professor Wager’s research lies at the intersection of causal inference, optimization, and statistical learning. He is particularly interested in developing new solutions to classical problems in statistics, economics and decision making that leverage recent developments in machine learning.


Stefan Wager is an associate professor of operations, information and technology at Stanford Graduate School of Business, and an associate professor of statistics (by courtesy). He received his PhD in statistics from Stanford University in 2016, and also holds a BS (2011) degree in mathematics from Stanford. He was a postdoctoral researcher at Columbia University during the academic year 2016–2017, and has worked with or consulted for several Silicon Valley companies, including Dropbox, Facebook, Google, and Uber.

Academic Degrees

  • PhD, Statistics, Stanford University, 2016
  • BS, Mathematics, Stanford University, 2011

Awards and Honors

  • Spence Faculty Scholar for 2021-22
  • Spence Faculty Scholar for 2019–20
  • Facebook Faculty Award, 2018
  • Applied Statistics Dissertation Award, 2016
  • First place finish at the NSF-NGA-DTRA Chemical Detection Algorithms Challenge, 2014
  • B. C. and E. J. Eaves Stanford Graduate Fellow, 2011–14

  • J. E. Wallace Sterling Award for Scholastic Achievement, 2011


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Working Papers

Stefan Wager, Kuang Xu June 10, 2021
Susan Athey, Zhengyuan Zhou, Stefan Wager October 10, 2018

Stanford GSB Affiliations

Stanford University Affiliations

  • Associate Professor of Statistics (by courtesy) Stanford University, School of Humanities and Sciences 2021–present
  • Assistant Professor of Statistics (by courtesy) Stanford University, School of Humanities and Sciences 2017–2021

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