Luis Voloch

Lecturer, Operations, Information & Technology

Luis Voloch

Lecturer in Management

Research Interests

  • Machine Learning
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Biotech and Health Care
  • Management

Teaching Statement

Luis teaches about management and entrepreneurship topics in data science and AI heavy companies (and where best practices differ from traditional software companies). His interest lies in how to best start, manage, and grow companies that not only write software, but also analyze data and train models as part of their core.


Luis F. Voloch is an AI researcher, entrepreneur, and lecturer at Stanford Graduate School of Business, where he teaches about management and entrepreneurship topics in data science and AI heavy companies, and where they differ from traditional software companies. Luis is the cofounder of Immunai, an AI-driven cancer immunotherapy biotech company based out of NYC. They develop cutting edge technologies at the intersection of AI, genomics, big data, and immunology for developing immunotherapies. Immunai has over 140 people in NYC and other sites, and have raised over $300M and are valued at over $1B.

Academic Degrees

  • MSC in Electric Engineering and Computer Science, MIT
  • BSc in Mathematics with Computer Science, MIT

Awards and Honors

  • Top 100 MIT alumni in tech globally
  • Top 20 leaders in Biotech in NYC
  • Forbes 30 under 30, Israel
  • William A. Martin Thesis Prize (Best Thesis Award for Machine Learning Thesis in MIT among all PhD students)


Working Papers

Aldo Pacchiano, Drausin Wulsin, Robert A. Barton, Luis Voloch February 2023
Yulun Wu, Robert A. Barton, Zichen Wang, Vassilis N. Ioannidis, Carlo De Donno, Layne C. Price, Luis Voloch, George Karypis September 2022
Scott Gigante, Varsha G. Raghavan, Amanda M. Robinson, Robert A. Barton, Adeeb H. Rahman, Drausin F. Wulsin, Jacques Banchereau, Noam Solomon, Luis Voloch, Fabian J. Theis May 2022

Conferences, Talks & Speaking Engagements