Delightful Surprises of Executive Dining

Get a taste of what makes the Stanford GSB dining experience so memorable and mouth watering, thanks to Chef Raul Lacara.

March 23, 2023

Sushi Platter

You probably already know about the world-class faculty, amazing campus, and perfect weather, but how about the food? In between all the learning, you’ll be eating—three times a day—and Chef Raul Lacara wants that experience to be just as memorable and innovative as your classes. So, he’s created an award-winning dining experience unlike any restaurant, hotel, or executive program. Here’s a quick taste of what makes meals at Stanford GSB so amazing:

No repeats. Restaurants make the same dishes night after night. Not at Stanford. Chef Raul wants every meal to be unique so he offers endless variety.

No recipes. Chef Raul doesn’t believe in them. He starts with great ingredients and tastes everything to get it just right.

Something for everyone. Vegans, carnivores, pescatarians, you name it, we’ve got you covered. And not with steamed broccoli while everyone else dines on souffles. Chef makes every dining experience intentional and inspired.

Fresh, local ingredients. We’re in the Bay Area so produce is plentiful.

Globally inspired. The food is literally as global as our participants. One night Thai. The next Turkish.

Fresh baked cookies. Cookies are baked five minutes before diners arrive so they’re warm when you get here.

Personal touch. He might be Executive Chef, but Raul doesn’t stay in the kitchen. Talking to diners is the favorite part of his day.

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