COVID-19 Faculty Analysis & Perspectives

As the impact of the coronavirus pandemic continues to unfold, Stanford GSB faculty are providing analysis and perspective meant to guide and inform the decisions being made by policymakers.

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November 15, 2021

‘You Are Mommy Tracked to the Billionth Degree’

In this article, courtesy faculty member Nicholas A. Bloom shares insights on the lasting effects of long-term remote work.

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McKinsey & Company

October 06, 2021

Forward Thinking on Economies beyond COVID-19 with Michael Spence

This podcast interview features Stanford GSB Dean, Emeritus, A. Michael Spence and his thoughts on post pandemic economic shifts and challenges.


September 14, 2021

Laura Carstensen: ‘I’m Suggesting We Change the Way We Work’

In this podcast, courtesy faculty member Laura L. Carstensen discusses the effects that emotional changes have on cognitive processing.

Forbes India

September 14, 2021

Why Some Companies Stood by Workers When COVID-19 Battered Business

Originally published by Stanford Business, this article features research coauthored by faculty member Rebecca Lester on companies' responses to COVID-19.

The Philadelphia Inquirer

September 12, 2021

Sept. 11 Brought America Together. Today’s Crises Are Driving Us Apart

In this article, faculty member Neil Malhotra discusses how the pandemic affected national unity.


September 06, 2021

Can Celebrity Endorsements Boost COVID Vaccine Uptake?

Courtesy faculty member Kevin Schulman shares the risks associated with using influencers to promote COVID vaccines.