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Created by the Stanford GSB Library, FINData is a financial and economic data discovery tool designed to help you quickly locate data sources for your research.

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Still haven’t read Lean In? How about Crucial Conversations, The Lexus and The Olive Tree, Ariana Huffington’s Thrive, or Think Like a Freak?  If you have more interest than time, consider listening instead. The GSB Library’s collection of books on disc includes these titles and more by renowned authors like Chip & Dan Heath, Clayton Christensen, Lou Dobbs, Malcom Gladwell, Daniel […]
Need energy info? Want to visualize your data using GIS? The GSB Library’s Industry Spotlight Series presents: Energy Information  Mon March 2nd 12-1pm  B312 RAIL Lab (3rd floor Bass Center, GSB Knight Management Center) Industry and market research databases S&P NetAdvantage Business Monitor Lux Research GlobalData Power Interdisciplinary energy-related databases Scopus Engineering Village One Petro […]