Fines & Other Charges

Check overdue fines, lost and replacement charges.

Overdue Fine Schedules

Material Rate Maximum Fine
Equipment $1/hour $30/item
Recalled Material $3/day $21/item
Reserve Material $1/hour $30/item

In computing overdue fines, each day is counted regardless of whether the library is open. A borrower is not exempt from the penalties for overdue material if he/she does not receive an overdue reminder notice from the library. Materials are assumed lost if not returned 15 days after the due date and will be subject to lost material charges.

If a checked-out item is requested by another user or needed in the library, a recall notice is sent to the borrower, which establishes a new due date for the library item.

Only one overdue or recall notice is sent, and all notices are sent to the address in our circulation system. Overdue and recalled material not returned will be declared lost, and the borrower will be billed according to the charges for lost material.

Lost or Damaged Items

Please report immediately when library material is lost or damaged. Any item in these categories must be paid for at once or replaced by the borrower. A processing fee and accrued fines, if any, must also be paid according to the charges for lost or damaged material.

Replacement Charges

Material Charges Note
Lost Material
  • $100 per item for the replacement of lost material
  • $5 processing fee per item
  • Any accrued overdue fines
You may be charged the actual replacement cost if the item costs more than $100.
Damaged Material
  • $25 processing fee per item (if repair is possible)
  • Any accrued overdue fines
If repair is not possible, the material is considered lost, and charges for lost material apply.
Replacement by the Borrower
  • $25 processing fee per item (if the replacement copy is accepted)
  • Any accrued overdue fines
You may replace lost or damaged material with a copy acceptable to the library. If you intend to make the replacement, you must so advise the library. Submit your copy to the i-Desk manager for acceptance.

Suspended Privileges

Student borrowing privileges are blocked when library fines, fees, or bills reach $50. You need to pay the entire balance in order to unblock your account.