Innovative GSB Programs: Transforming the Learning Experience

The school is renowned for its use of innovative educational approaches that take students beyond business theory by emphasizing hands-on management experience, intensive small-group seminars, and immersive global and social innovation study trips.

Curricular innovations include:

Bold New MBA Curriculum

Our bold new model capitalizes on our small size to create a personalized, rigorous educational experience. As students tailor their studies to their level of preparation and their specific interests, a deeper, more engaging intellectual experience, along with expanded leadership and communication development, will increase our program's effectiveness.

Bass Seminars

Bass Seminars bring the classic graduate seminar format to management education. These seminars provide students with outstanding, in-depth learning experiences and have very high faculty-to-student ratios. A faculty leader sets the agenda, and students, often in teams, develop the course materials to match their own specific interests and bring what they have developed back to their peers.

Experiential Learning

Global and social innovation study trips, international internships, and strategic projects with community partners allow students to work alongside leaders and social entrepreneurs on critical domestic and international issues. Microfinance, the environment, education, and rural development are just a few of the challenges our students tackle.

Our Centers

Our centers for entrepreneurial studies, global business and the economy, leadership development and research, and social innovation—support the GSB's teaching, research, and community engagement efforts. They also dramatically shape the student experience by imparting what we call the four essential components of a managerial mindset:

  • Entrepreneurship: Instilling a bias toward action and innovation, with the perspective of an owner
  • Social impact: Developing innovative and effective solutions to social problems for a more just, sustainable, and healthy world
  • Global awareness: Building a culture that supports global operations, understanding how global political and economic forces impinge on local organizations and societies, and vice versa
  • Leadership: Taking responsibility for changing an organization for the better, understanding one's strengths and weaknesses, acting with integrity, and motivating and inspiring others

Opportunities to Support GSB Programs

Business School Fund

Annual unrestricted gifts through the BSF provide the flexibility to seed new ideas and to respond to opportunities, such as curricular innovations that include the redesign of the MBA program, expansion of small-group seminars, and experiential learning opportunities. Annual and reunion gifts to the BSF enrich the learning environment and deepen our students' leadership capacities.


Each of our four centers require both permanent and annual financial support to further their teaching, research, and outreach goals. Funding opportunities include:

  • Founder: The Founder of a center has a distinctive opportunity to be publicly and prominently associated with a center's high-impact activities. Founders provide support through the combination of named, endowed funds for faculty leaders who are associated with the center's mission, and expendable support for the center's activities.
  • Lead Investor: Lead Investors provide expendable funds for programmatic and faculty support associated with a center, and have the opportunity to engage with faculty in topical areas of interest. Expendable funding is essential to significantly advance the research, teaching, and community engagement activities of each center.
  • Named Center Funds: A named, endowed fund for any center provides a permanent legacy from which regular income is used to underwrite expenses associated with that center, including faculty teaching and research costs, student activities, and conference support.
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