Leadership for Society: The Podcast


Leadership for Society: The Podcast

Join Professor Brian Lowery as he sits down with prominent leaders for a series of conversations on the most pressing issues of today.

This podcast is based on senior associate dean for academic affairs Brian Lowery’s course, Leadership for Society, which explores topics at the intersection of business and society through broad discussions about the most urgent challenges the world faces — including broadening inequalities, a worldwide pandemic, racial inequities, and more.

The goal, says Lowery, “is to create reasoned, fact-based discussions and debate that prepare students to engage in the world and to develop into the leaders that our society needs.”

Season One of the podcast, titled Race and Power, examines the way race interacts with structures of power, and how systemic racism manifests itself in institutions and our daily lives.

“We Don’t Know Each Other Anymore in This Country”

In a rare across-the-aisle conversation about racial equity, Deval Patrick and Jeff Flake talk frankly with Professor Brian Lowery about how race has affected their experiences as politicians in Washington.

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“We Need to Stop Tiptoeing Around Race”

Lowery speaks with Quita Highsmith, VP and Chief Diversity Officer at Genentech, and Simone Hill, MBA/MA ’14, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion strategist at Omidyar Network who are working to steer their organizations toward a new definition of corporate responsibility and leadership.


“The State of the Nation Is Dependent on Getting Equity Right”

Lowery speaks with Angela Glover Blackwell, the founder in residence of PolicyLink, who is focused on innovating and improving public policy to ensure opportunity for all low-income people and communities of color.

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“You Can’t Have Capitalism Without Capital”

Brian Lowery sits down with Mehrsa Baradaran, professor of law and associate dean for equity, diversity and inclusion at University of California, Irvine, to discuss how policies blocking Black people from obtaining mortgages, land, and capital have created an immense wealth gap between Black and white American.


“Never Mistake Presence for Power”

In this podcast Brian Lowery discusses the importance of technology in channeling activism with Rashad Robinson, president of Color Of Change.


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“Never Mistake Presence for Power”

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“You Can’t Have Capitalism Without Capital’’

In this podcast episode, an expert explains the troubled history of Black banking, and how today’s racial wealth gap is rooted in centuries of discrimination.


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