Campus Access

Stanford University is currently in Stage 2 of the restart process.

Only those with permission should be on campus at this time. All work that can be done from home should continue to be done remotely.

Access to the Stanford Campus Is Restricted

Stanford has established temporary campus zones designed to maintain a safer and healthier academic environment, while preserving opportunities for the public to interact with campus lands. Stanford GSB’s Knight Management Center and Residences are included within the Academic Campus Zone, which is currently restricted to approved students, faculty, staff, essential deliveries, testing, and maintenance.

No Visitors or Guests Allowed

Visitors or guests are not allowed to enter the Knight Management Center as it is located within the Academic Zone.

Returning from Travel

Anyone who travels more than 150 miles from Santa Clara County is allowed to return to campus:

  • After receiving a negative COVID-19 test five or more days after their arrival back,
  • Or after ten days without a COVID-19 test.

Changes or updates will be posted to Health Alerts.

Expectations for Those on Campus

As members of Stanford GSB and the overall Stanford community, we each have a personal responsibility to support the health, safety, and well-being of everyone on our campus. With the unique challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, each member of the Stanford GSB community will be required to adhere to the below guidelines.

COVID-19 Hygiene Best Practices Training

All faculty, staff, and students are required to complete the EHS-2470 COVID-19 Hygiene Best Practices prior to coming to campus for the first time. The 15 minute training covers COVID-19 facts and hygiene best practices, including social distancing, self-care, and workspace cleaning.

Surveillance Testing

To provide increased safety for those who are working at Stanford, and ensure the well-being of our entire community, in January, COVID-19 weekly surveillance testing will be required for faculty, staff and postdoctoral scholars who are approved to come to campus for in-person work. 

Stanford Health Check

Each day prior to coming to campus, or every day if you live in a Stanford-controlled residence, you will be required to report your health status using Stanford Health Check. The goal of this program is to keep our onsite population healthy by helping us track our health daily and identify any symptoms of illness early on, thereby limiting the viral spread of COVID-19.

Campus Services

Currently, limited services and resources are available to those who are working, studying, or living on campus.