Byteboard: Reinventing the Technical Interview (B)

By Russell Siegelman, Dominic Mirabile
2021 | Case No. E768B | Length 7 pgs.
Byteboard aims to replace the pre-on-site technical interview for software engineers with a more effective, efficient, and equitable web-based assessment. The case follows the founding team’s journey from problem definition and customer development through the testing of their minimum viable product and validation of their core value hypothesis. By recounting Byteboard’s early quest towards product-market fit, the case poses several key questions including, “What is the core value hypothesis?” “What features should be tested with customers?” and “How will they know if they proved their hypotheses?”

Also see: E768A: Byteboard: Reinventing the Technical Interview (A)

Learning Objective

The case was originally taught in a course called Product Launch. It is designed to guide students through the process of defining a problem, collecting data to better understand the customer, articulating the key value hypotheses, and designing and executing a minimum viable product (MVP) test to validate those value hypotheses.
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