Dean Jonathan Levin

By Graham Weaver, Nate Schlein
2024 | Case No. E859 | Length 4 pgs.

This Managing Growing Enterprises (MGE) case presents a multifaceted examination of leadership challenges in the academic sector, encompassing issues of faculty negotiation, student-faculty relations, crisis management, and institutional response to societal issues. The case chronicles the experiences of Dean Jonathan Levin as he navigates the intricate dynamics of managing expectations and principles while leading Stanford GSB. Discussion topics include:

  1. Prioritizing meritocracy or equal treatment of faculty
  2. Managing classroom dynamics between students and faculty
  3. Handling crisis communications
  4. Determining the appropriate role and response for an institutional leader during polarizing current events.

Learning Objective

The case explores challenging managerial decisions in higher education, which has broad applicability to managers engaging with multiple stakeholders while representing an institution.
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