Keith Ferrazzi - People and Relationships

2004 | Case No. OB44V
Keith Ferrazzi, a graduate of Harvard Business School, became the youngest chief marketing officer of a Fortune 500 company (Starwood). Later he was the CEO of a successful high technology start-up. He was also the subject of an article in Inc. magazine that detailed his amazing ability to build networks and social relationships. Coming from a poor background, Ferrazzi speaks in the video about the difference between insecurity and lack of confidence. He explains that he genuinely loves people and emphasizes that in order to change the world one has to work very hard. He says that he wants to leave a legacy and that he has always managed to get things done, often by having subordinates do the job for him. He stresses that moving up in an organization requires managing relationships with people who have the power to move you up. icon-Video Preview

This video is intended to be used with the written case OB44V Keith Ferrazzi and is part of Jeffrey Pfeffer’s Paths to Power Series.

Learning Objective

This video is a part of a course designed to help students learn concepts useful for understanding power and ways to analyze power in organizations. Students analyze and discuss the situation described in video to think about and develop their own personal path to power.
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