McQueeney's Publishing

By H. Grousbeck, Mike Harkey
2005 | Case No. E191
This case presents two fictional vignettes dealing with issues in labor law. McQueeney’s Publishing, the fictional company presented in the case, is a small independent publishing concern with printing and publishing operations in the San Francisco Bay Area. In the first vignette, the president of the company, Maggie Little, learns that her labor force is threatening to form a union. Little meets with a labor attorney, Nola Pollack, to discuss her rights and those of her employees, and management strategies in the face of this threat. Ultimately, on the verge of a unionizing vote, Little confronts her workforce and attempts to respond directly to their concerns. The second vignette explores an ethical dilemma for Little in which one of her top salespeople is having an affair with a key customer.
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