The Men's Wearhouse: Success in a Declining Industry

By Jeffrey Pfeffer
1997 | Case No. HR5 | Length 25 pgs.
George Zimmer, CEO of the Men’s Wearhouse, is considering what has made the firm so successful; what, if anything, it should do differently to continue to succeed; and how to manage its growth and culture as the firm expands in the very competitive men’s tailored clothing market. Retailing is the largest industry in the United States. Most retailing firms have traditionally been staffed with poorly paid, poorly trained, part-time help, and often experience tremendous turnover. Founded in 1973 in Houston, the Men’s Wearhouse now has over 300 stores and is adding stores at the rate of 50 per year as it extends its geographic reach. This case provides information on the founder’s beliefs, the firm’s financial performance, the company’s management practices, and detailed information on its various training activities.
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