Nova Pioneer in 2019: Becoming a Pan-African School System

By Stephen Ciesinski, Howard Rosen, Blake Kavanaugh
2020 | Case No. E706 | Length 14 pgs.
Nova Pioneer was a private school system in South Africa and Kenya that offered preschool through secondary education for students ranging in age from 3 to 19. The earliest of Nova Pioneer’s precursors was Pioneer Academies, founded in South Africa by Chinezi Chijioke in 2013. Pioneer was started to offer the affordable, quality education needed to develop Africa’s next generation of leaders and innovators. In 2015, Pioneer Academies merged with Nova Academies, a newer school in Kenya founded by a team of experienced education entrepreneurs, creating Nova Pioneer. This case covers the next set of expansion plans for Nova Pioneer - to expand into additional countries and fulfill Nova Pioneer’s vision of becoming a pan-African school system.
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