Pioneer: LOVA and Natty Rems

By David Dodson, Alessia Morales
2023 | Case No. E825 | Length 12 pgs.
This case explores the challenges that LOVA, a cannabis company, experienced when hiring and retaining key roles across its production and retail teams. The case outlines the primary responsibilities and characteristics of successful budtenders and trim leads. It then asks students to identify the key outcomes and attributes that they would evaluate when hiring new candidates as well as how they would interview potential hires.

Learning Objective

    This case is designed to help students learn and sharpen hiring skills, including:

  1. Identifying characteristics for success in a role.
  2. Implementing a framework for how to interview candidates.
  3. Role playing the interviews.
This material is available for download by current Stanford GSB students, faculty, and staff only. For inquires, contact the Case Writing Office. Download