Power of Stories to Fuel Growth: Avenues’ Use of Video to Communicate a Global Entrepreneurial Story

By Jennifer Aaker, Patricia Mason
2014 | Case No. M352 | Length 6 pgs.
Avenues the World School, an international private school with around 20 campuses in cities around the world, was designed to be the “learning community of the future” that used technology to connect students, professionals, and curriculum. In just 18 months, the school had attracted thousands of teacher applications and a class of 750 students by sharing its vision and building interest in this new education venture through a strategic communication plan. This case details the process through which the Avenues team decided to use the video platform to communicate its story, featuring the construction of the campus and interviews with several people invested in the project, from builders working on the school structure to prospective teachers. Moreover, this case dives into the benefits of sharing the Avenues story across mediums: through video, an online blog publication (OPEN), and a newsletter. The global school went about showing (instead of telling) its story across channels.

Learning Objective

This case is designed to help students learn about how to tell stories through different digital mediums: video, blog, and newsletter. Students discuss the importance of establishing credibility, trust, and interest with an audience by finding the medium that best suits the content.
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