Preparing to Lead: The CEO’s Initial Speech

By H. Irving Grousbeck
2022 | Case No. E805 | Length 1 pgs.

In this vignette, students play the role of a newly appointed CEO joining a successful private company with 100 employees. The CEO will plan to hold two meetings with employees. The first meeting will be with the eight key department managers who have been reporting to the previous CEO who has since resigned. The second meeting will be with all 100 of the company’s employees.

In this vignette, students will choose to role play one of these meetings and prepare for questions that may be asked.

Learning Objective

This case vignette focuses on the preparation for and execution of role-played dialogue. Students are asked to map out their talking points with the goal of addressing questions and concerns that employees may have when new CEOs join established organizations. Through practicing and witnessing this role play, students will learn the tactics and strategies for achieving the desired outcome in a difficult interpersonal situation.
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