Royal Bank of Canada: Transforming Managers (B)

By Kathryn Shaw, Debra Schifrin
2015 | Case No. HR42B | Length 2 pgs.

The 2015 case “Royal Bank of Canada: Transforming Managers (B)” details the success of the manager improvement pilot intervention program discussed in the companion case, “Royal Bank of Canada: Transforming Managers (A).” Within one year, the division that ran the program, the Canadian Banking operations division, saw marked improvement in nearly all of the managers who participated in the program. Based on these results, the division continued to hone the intervention program details, and RBC expanded the program across the bank. Also see HR42A: Royal Bank of Canada: Transforming Managers (A).

Learning Objective

The objective is for students to learn about the traits that make good managers and evaluate the best ways to measure and reward management effectiveness. The case focuses on a data-driven measurement approach, and students should analyze the advantages and disadvantages of this approach and understand what the unintended consequences might be. Students should also evaluate whether management effectiveness ratings should be part of compensation decisions, and if so, in what way.

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