Sage Networks

By Mark Leslie, Kirk Bowman, Sara Rosenthal
2012 | Case No. E453 | Length 14 pgs.

These three short vignettes involve challenges faced by Andrew Markham, the CEO of Sage Networks. In the first, Markham believes that one of his VPs, Robert Salinas, may be having covert discussions with the CEO of a competitive company to discuss the possibility of a sale, and he must determine how to best confront Salinas with his suspicions, including termination. In the next vignette, Markham considers whether to confirm his suspicions by reviewing Salinas’ emails. In the third vignette, Sage’s VP of engineering learns that a member of her IT team spent the previous Saturday providing Markham with access to Salinas’ emails. Now McBride must face the dilemma of how to deal with the CEO’s questionable actions.

Learning Objective

The learning objectives of this case are to present students with a series of dilemmas which escalate as the situation progresses, and push them to debate how to best handle a situation without a clear right answer.

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