Scale-up! How Google Accelerated Underrepresented Companies

By Peter Ziebelman, Imogen Mansfield, Dominic Mirabile
2021 | Case No. E761 | Length 26 pgs.
The case explores Google’s accelerator programs and its efforts to support underrepresented start-ups that are ready to scale. Students will understand Google’s approach to (1) building accelerator programs, (2) selecting which startups to participate, and (3) leveraging the resources of Google and its parent, Alphabet. The case also provides an overview of the specific accelerator programs, curriculum, and benefits, which are helpful for students and future entrepreneurs who may be considering accelerators as a path to scale.

Learning Objective

This case is designed to help students learn about accelerator programs, how they are useful to entrepreneurs, and how leaders of accelerators might scale their impact. Students will also learn about Google’s approach to accelerators, and how Google has used their programs to support startups they view to be underrepresented in the startup ecosystem.
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