Schroder Family (A): Personal Wealth, Family, and Estates

By George Parker, Alan Rappaport, Jaclyn Foroughi, Vanessa Lide
2013 | Case No. F306A | Length 13 pgs.
Paul Schroder had recently celebrated his sixty-eighth birthday and was beginning to feel his age. While he recognized that there were many good years ahead, he also realized that it was not too early to begin to think seriously about his retirement and his estate. For years, he had been encouraged to make a careful estate plan, but he always put it off, thinking that he would take care of it at a later time. Now was that later time. This case describes a hypothetical investor faced with the challenges of concentrated wealth, intergenerational transfers, special needs, offspring receiving unearned wealth, philanthropic decisions, and providing for post-career life.

Learning Objective

Provide students with an opportunity to analyze wealth management and private investing issues raised in the case in order to develop a comprehensive wealth management strategy.
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