Search Funds - 2009: Selected Observations

By H. Grousbeck, Aimee LaFont Leifer, Tjarko Leifer, Lisa Sweeney
2010 | Case No. E386 | Length 17 pgs.
This is an updated version of the Search Fund Study that is done every approximately every two years. The study briefly explains the concept of a Search Fund and surveys all known Search Funds to determine demographics, financial results, and other salient data that is useful to potential entrepreneurs and investors. Major issues or questions raised: What are the typical demographics and age of Search Fund principals? What are the average returns to Search Fund investors? How acquisition targets found and what are are the typical characteristics (size, growth, industries) of acquired companies? What is the length of time in the lifecycle of a Search Fund?

Learning Objective

This Study is not meant to be used as a basis for classroom discussion, but rather as background material to explore one route to “Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition.
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