SKOLAR, M.D.: Is There A Business In Web-based Information For Doctors?

By Michaela Draganska, David Hoyt
2006 | Case No. M309
In March 2000, Paul Lippe, CEO of SKOLAR, faced several decisions that could determine the fate of his young company. SKOLAR had developed a Web-based information resource for doctors. The site was in beta-test at the Stanford School of Medicine, with commercial release planned for September. Lippe had just received a market study prepared by McKinsey & Company describing the potential market for the SKOLAR product. He studied the report, thought about the company’s experience to date, and the decisions he had to make. Did he have the information needed to make good decisions? If not, what other information did he need, and how could he get it? The case includes the McKinsey report, as well as information about the SKOLAR product and proposed business model, and other sources of medical information for doctors in 2000.
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