Tamago-Ya of Japan: Delivering Lunch Boxes to Your Work

By Shinya Fushimi, Jason Kaminsky, Veronica Rocha, John Tsou, Seungjin Whang
2007 | Case No. GS60
Tamago-ya is a family-owned business located in Tokyo, Japan. The company has captured a unique position in the market of selling pre-packaged lunch boxes to business professionals, by maintaining high quality and reliable delivery. In order for Tamago-ya to guarantee such a high level of customer service, it has created an operational culture where those who deliver orders also engage in judging customer demand and feedback, those who supply food materials must be able to respond to variation in demand on a daily basis, and those who plan the production and distribution schedule must forecast and adjust on a real-time basis. Tamago-ya competes with convenience stores which offer less variety in their menu options throughout the month, can stock-out on popular choices, and tend to have long lines during the lunchtime rush. However, Tamago-ya is faced with many challenges including demand forecasting, supply planning, and long term strategic planning.
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