Two Interpersonal Challenges

By H. I. Grousbeck, C. G. Prober, Alexander Tauber
2013 | Case No. ETH12 | Length 9 pgs.
This case uses two important examples based at the Stanford Hospital. In the first, Joe Kelly is diagnosed with fast-growing lung cancer and must quickly go through a series of chemotherapy. Joe’s path includes discussions with his wife, son, and doctor about his prognosis and treatment. While Joe believes he is cured after the first round of chemotherapy, the doctor must communicate that the chance of relapse is high. In the second example, Tina and Beth, graduate students at Stanford Medical School, compete for their Chief Resident’s attention. Beth believes Dr. Rivas favors Tina and a great deal of conflict is created in the fight to win over Dr. Riva. After some time, it is noticed that this conflict greatly affects the two’s care of their patients and Dr. Rivas must sit down and discuss solutions.

Learning Objective

One theme throughout the case is the importance of how doctors handle conflict in the workplace. Whether dealing with patients or employees, communicating fully is the compromise necessary to fix these situations.
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