Using Social Media to Save Lives:

By Jennifer Aaker, Victoria Chang, Robert Chatwani
2009 | Case No. M319 | Length 36 pgs.
Sameer Bhatia was a 31-year-old South Asian American Silicon Valley entrepreneur who had started a company called MonkeyBin in 2000, the first online community and consumer marketplace for barter or trade, and then a mobile gaming company, Octane Technologies several years later. He was diagnosed with leukemia and when he could not find a bone marrow match, his friends banded together to get South Asians registered in the bone marrow registry. They started Team Sameer and used various forms of social media to register over 20,000 names, along with Team Vinay, another team formed to help another South Asian American named Vinay Chakravarthy. Companion PowerPoint Presentation M319PP Using Social Media to Save Lives: Harnessing the Power of Story.:
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