Venture Capital in Israel Emergence and Globalization

By Janet Feldstein, Ezra Zuckerman
2002 | Case No. SM88
This case gives an in-depth look at the emergence of Venture Capital in Israel — tracing not only the industry itself, but also its many drivers including high technology and its roots in Israel (government sponsorship, etc.). The case examines the VC industry in 2001 —professional VC has grown rapidly, with growth driven by internal players capitalizing on local knowledge and experience and also by non-Israeli firms, who have come to Israel looking to invest in the next high tech winner. The case proposes the question of what role the Israeli VC firms should take in the future. Will Israeli VC firms be able to survive or will US firms come in and pluck the best deals away? Should Israeli firms partner with US firms, and if so, how? Should and can Israeli firms venture out of the Middle East and attempt to compete with US firms on US soil?
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