Vitana: Choosing Partners

By David Dodson, Gelila Bekele
2022 | Case No. E813 | Length 8 pgs.
This case study examines the founding of Vitana, a dentistry-focused search fund founded by Ashish Bagai, Monika Srivastava, and Amir Fardshi. In this case, students are encouraged to explore the advantages and disadvantages of being solo founders versus having founding partners. The case also delves into the frameworks used to identify attributes, skills and criteria for evaluating prospective co-founders. Additionally, the case examines the potential risks of starting a new venture with friends and family, and strategies for mitigating those risks. Furthermore, students are encouraged to explore the complexities and issues of governance that may arise in a three-person founding team.

Learning Objective

This case is designed to help students:

  • Develop a framework to evaluate prospective co-founders.
  • Understand the risks and complexity of starting business ventures with friends and family.
  • Evaluate the governance issues that may arise in three-person founding teams.
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