Weddington Way

By Jim Ellis, Justin Randolph
2013 | Case No. E455 | Length 21 pgs.
The case profiles the protagonist, Ilana Stern, founder of Weddington Way (—a wedding-related e-commerce site—during the company’s early formation stage. The case begins with an introduction of Stern’s professional background and a portrayal of Stern’s summer between her first and second years at business school, during which the idea and vision for Weddington Way took shape. The case then follows Stern as she digs deeper into the viability of the Weddington Way concept, and debates whether the idea’s merits and her experience to date are worthy of her rejecting the opportunity to work in management consulting after business school. After deciding to pursue the concept, the case profiles Stern as she iterates on the product during the rest of her second year at business school, deliberates how best to initially capitalize the company, and searches for a technical co-founder.

Learning Objective

• To require students to consider what it takes in order to be prepared to start a company after business school. • To critique and comment upon the decisions a first-time entrepreneur (Stern) made in starting a new venture. • To consider specific metrics that can be used to determine whether a moment is an opportune time to start a new venture, as well as the necessary timeframe for staging and starting a company,
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