WI Harper International: Bridge Between Silicon Valley and Asia

By Thomas Hellmann, Sandro Rajaratnam, William Shen, Suzanne Usiskin, Mary Yang
1997 | Case No. SM39
WI Harper is an innovative venture capital fund that attempts to implement an investment strategy that is based on a brokerage role between Silicon Valley and selected Asian economies. Its value-adding proposition is that it can provide networking connections between business communities across the Pacific. The case describes the investment approach of WI Harper, its investment criteria, and its process of providing networking services. It then describes two early portfolio companies, one located in Taiwan and the other located in Silicon Valley. The Taiwanese company is mainly interested in market entry in the United States. The Silicon Valley company might benefit from supplier relationships in China and is looking at the possibility of entering the Chinese market. Also discusses a potential investment opportunity that WI Harper is facing at the time of the case.

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