Working with Lawyers

By David Dodson, Kim Latypov, Jose Ignacio Garcia Suarez
2023 | Case No. E853 | Length 5 pgs.
“Working with Lawyers” explores effective management of external legal counsel in business. It highlights lawyers as precise “legal software engineers” and advises clients to balance expert advice with broader business goals. Building a trusted advisor relationship and realistic cost management are crucial. Early lawyer involvement, understanding the legal team, and recognizing cognitive biases are emphasized. Reading legal documents and avoiding last-minute changes are essential. Mistakes often result from communication breakdowns, necessitating efficient process management and communication channels for successful collaboration.

Learning Objective

This case aims to teach students the essential concepts of effective management of external legal counsel in a business context. Students will analyze the role of transactional lawyers, develop strategies for balanced decision-making, and gain insights into cost management, cognitive biases, and communication in a legal setting.
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