Xiaomi Inc. in 2018 - An Update

By Gang Zheng, Yanting Guo, Robert A. Burgelman
2018 | Case No. SM313 | Length 6 pgs.
The case describes Xiaomi’s IPO application in 2018, which sheds light on the company’s finances and indicates a rebound from declining sales two years ago to a period of strong international growth. It also reveals Xiaomi’s revenue and profits from Internet services such as advertising and gaming on its MIUI user interface. Additionally, the case shows Xiaomi’s performance on the global smartphone market, showing a good year-over-year growth as well as a maintained leading role in India market. On a way to become an “innovation leader”, Xiaomi faces challenges such as the management of ecosystem partnership, and the global expansion especially into the high-stakes U.S. market.

Learning Objective

This case is designed to help students understand the background of Xiaomi IPO in Hong Kong and its future expansion strategy. Students discuss the situation in the case to think about and prioritize challenges that Xiaomi should address first to sustain its organic growth.
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