Zappos: Happiness in a Box

By Jennifer Aaker, Sara Leslie
2010 | Case No. M333 | Length 32 pgs.
Tony Hsieh, originally an investor and advisor to the online footwear company, Zappos, joined the company in 2000, serving as the co-CEO. His partner, Nick Swinmurn, was intent on building the next internet retailing powerhouse and satisfying customers’ needs faster and more simply than ever before. Hsieh, on the other hand, was not focused solely on profits. He wanted to create a new universe, a company that was different from any other company he had known. His focus was on culture and employee happiness. Recalling his outlook on the new position, Hsieh explained, “It was about: What kind of company can we create where we all want to be there, including me? How can we create such a great environment, where employees get so much out of it that they would do it for free?” What Hsieh did not know at the time was that he would move beyond a focus on creating enjoyment and fulfillment for employees towards delivering happiness to both customers and the greater public.
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