Four Stanford GSB Faculty Members Win Teaching Awards

Students recognize instructors in MSx, MBA, and PhD programs

June 27, 2024

| by GSB Staff

MBA teaching award winners Graham Weaver, left, and Ed deHaan, right, with Senior Academic Dean Paul Oyer. | Julia Yu

This spring, students honored teachers at Stanford GSB in the MSx, MBA, and PhD programs with awards that recognize their influence in and out of the classroom.

MBA Distinguished Teaching Award

For the first time, the MBA Academic Committee presented Distinguished Teaching Awards to two faculty members, one for a course in the core curriculum and another for an elective. Professor of accounting Ed deHaan was recognized for the quality of his teaching of the core Financial Accounting course, and lecturer Graham Weaver won for his work in Managing Growth Enterprises.

Mira Bodek, MBA ’25, said deHaan and Weaver represented the type of teacher students were eager to learn from. “They were the ones we woke up at 8 a.m. for. They don’t just teach us, they inspire us.”

Maisie Lynton, MBA ’25, said deHaan “transformed a core curriculum course into the highlight of many of our MBA1 experiences.” DeHaan took a subject usually associated with dry principles “and did the impossible, he made it engaging, exciting, and fun.”

“Students will benefit from his teaching long into their careers,” Lynton said, “by learning how to think critically about finance.”

One illustration of how much students appreciated deHaan: One student had a T-shirt made with deHaan’s face on the front and wore it to the final exam.

Weaver was lauded for his deep commitment to students. “It’s rare to see someone so invested in their students’ development in and out of the classroom,” said David Liu, MBA ’25, reading from one of Weaver’s nomination letters. Liu was struck by “the rigor and dedication he brings — that’s what I’ll remember 10 years from now. It’s the best class I’ve ever taken, hands down.”

More than a teacher, he said, “Graham is a cornerstone of the GSB experience.”

Liu shared other student testimonials, including this one: “Graham has single-handedly given me the most transformative learning and personal development in my time at the GSB.”

MSx Excellence in Teaching Award

The MSx Excellence in Teaching Award went to Allison Kluger, a lecturer in organizational behavior.


Yvonne Li, right, presents the MSx Excellence in Teaching Award to Allison Kluger. | Julia Yu

Echoing the comments of several other student presenters, Bani Maini, MS ’24, reflected on Kluger’s combination of personal warmth and virtuoso teaching skill. “Your classes on Strategic Pivoting and Reputation Management have not only enriched our knowledge but have truly transformed the way we see ourselves and our careers,” Maini said. “Your analogy of the layers of a cake really stuck with me. You taught us that our functional skills are like the cake itself — solid and foundational. But it’s the icing, our personality and the values we embody, that makes us unique and memorable. This perspective has been a guiding light as we craft our paths and pivot toward our aspirations.

They don’t just teach us, they inspire us.
Mira Bodek, MBA ’25

“We’ve become not just better professionals but better human beings under your guidance.”

Mikko Tamminen, MS ’24, had heard great things about Kluger’s courses before enrolling, but nevertheless “was blown away” by his experience in Reputation Management. “What makes Allison so remarkable is not only her ability to engage with the whole class, and her passion, but more uniquely, her care for every individual student who is willing to receive it.”

PhD Faculty Distinguished Service Award

The PhD Student Association awarded the PhD Faculty Distinguished Service Award to Mohsen Bayati, The Carl and Marilynn Thoma Professor of Operations, Information and Technology.

Mohamad “Sadegh” Shirani, PhD ’25, described Mohsen as “a remarkable applied mathematician and an outstanding advisor and mentor … always ready with guidance and encouragement, helping us reach our fullest potential.”


Third-year PhD student Christy Kang presents the Faculty Distinguished Service Award to Mohsen Bayati. | Julia Yu

“He listens to our concerns with genuine care and consideration, making sure we never feel alone in our academic journeys,” said Shirani. “It was just one week ago that despite his busy schedule, we walked around the campus for about two hours while he patiently listened to all my concerns, [and] I felt so relieved after our walk.”

Ilan Morgenstern, PhD ’24, noted, “Mohsen is an innovator who produces work that is relevant across fields; for example, he not only produces groundbreaking methodological work but also partners with collaborators in medical science to have practical impact.”

“His engaging teaching style instills a ‘joy for discovery,’ reflecting the passion he maintains for research and constant learning,” Morgenstern added.

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