Operations, Information and Technology

Our focus in the Operations, Information and Technology (OIT) area is on the management of systems, processes, and networks. Examples include health care systems, product design and manufacturing processes, supply networks, information systems, energy and environmental systems, homeland security systems, and social networks. We employ methods from the fields of operations research, game theory, econometrics, computer science, probability and statistics, and exploit the growing availability of data. 



Hau Lee

Mohsen Bayati, Assistant Professor
Kostas Bimpikis, Assistant Professor
Charles Pius Bonini, Professor Emeritus
J. Michael Harrison, Professor Emeritus
Warren H. Hausman, Professor (by courtesy)
Charles A. Holloway, Professor Emeritus
Ronald A. Howard, Professor (by courtesy)
Dan Iancu, Assistant Professor
Hau L. Lee, Professor
Michael Marks, Lecturer
Haim Mendelson, Professor
James M. Patell, Professor
Erica Plambeck, Professor
Evan L. Porteus, Professor Emeritus
Lawrence M. Wein, Professor
Seungjin Whang, Professor
Paul Yock, Professor (by courtesy)
Stefanos Zenios, Professor


MBA and Stanford MSx Programs


PhD Program