Takuo Sugaya

Associate Professor, Economics

Takuo Sugaya

Associate Professor of Economics

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Research Statement

Takuo Sugaya’s research is in the area of microeconomic theory. His work in game theory examines how entities with their own objectives and information can sustain cooperation in the long term. In a recent paper, he proposes a self-enforcing mechanism that incentivizes firms to maintain collaborative relationships although they are uncertain about the information and strategic behavior of the other parties.


Sugaya is an associate professor of economics at Stanford Graduate School of Business, where he teaches Managerial Economics. His current research focuses on dynamic games — repeated games, stochastic games, and dynamic Bayesian games — and the environments in which different sides will engage in cooperative long-run relationships. Sugaya received his PhD in economics from Princeton University in 2012, and his MA in economics and BA in International Relations from University of Tokyo.

Awards and Honors

  • Fletcher Jones Faculty Scholar for 2019–20


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