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Positions & Compensation

Employment results reflect  Stanford GSB’s emphasis on alignment of career and life goals, known informally as career-life vision.  The Stanford MBA Career Management Center helps you to understand yourself and to develop a personal definition of a meaningful life - and to build a portfolio of personal and professional pursuits to support that vision. In this light, the specific industries, organizations, and roles chosen represent many individual student decisions.  Graduating MBA students accepted jobs in 339 organizations out of 1,672 organizations that participated in various recruiting activities.

Stanford MBAs typically need to feel a strong connection to their work - to bring their “whole selves” to any organization.  They care deeply about a job’s potential for impact, within the organization and across the world.  They also seek role models who can provide mentorship and serve as an inspiration.  And the Class of 2013 continued the trend towards general management roles offering challenge, responsibility, and impact.


Class of 2013

Full-Time Positions

  • 94%  received a job offer by 90 days post-graduation.
  • 45% pursued roles in the finance (26%) or consulting (19%) industries.
  • 32% chose opportunities in technology, which serves as a proxy for innovation and growth in nearly every sector including education, energy, finance, healthcare, etc.
  • 18%, an all-time high, chose entrepreneurship, launching ventures in 18 different industries including (in declining order) finance, internet services, media and entertainment, human resources, retail, healthcare, consumer products, education, energy/cleantech, software.​
  • Other notable areas of student interest were healthcare at 6% and nonprofit at 5%.


Compensation Median Range
Base Salary $125,000 $40,000
- 225,000
Signing Bonus $25,000 $3,000
- $100,000
Other Guaranteed Compensation $30,000 $1,875
- $337,500

Class of 2014

Summer Positions

  • 94 students participated in the Global Management Immersion Experience (GMIX) program.
  • 44 students were funded for an Entrepreneurial Summer Program (ESP) internship.
  • 23 students took a Stanford Management Internship Fund (SMIF) Fellowship. (SMIF provides fellowships to MBA students who work in qualifying nonprofits, social-purpose for-profits, or the government during the summer between their first and second years.)


Monthly base salary: $7,000 median, with a range of $1,000 to $16,000.

Last Updated 24 Nov 2013